Graffiti Removal is key if you don’t want repeat attacks.

The best way to combat graffiti in our community is to be proactive with Graffiti removal. Vandals only target sites that give their work notoriety and pick on sites where the graffiti is left uncleaned for a period of time.

There are numerous areas where graffiti has not been removed quickly and it has been left to fester and created a negative result for the community.

They get to know which sites are worth their while tagging, and which ones aren’t.

It’s important to report graffiti to the police so that offenders once apprehended can be held responsible for all the damage they have done.

The NSW Police Force reports that “During 2014 and 2015, there were 7,014 incidents of graffiti reported, a decrease of 10.4% from the previous year,” Demonstrating the need for fast removal and its success when done by a professional graffiti removal company.

“In the same period (2014 and 2015), 806 people were arrested and 595 people were charged with offences relating to graffiti incidents.”
It shows that by banding together, the community can have an impact in controlling graffiti and catching those responsible to hold them accountable.

When you go home tonight, discuss these statistics with your kids. Spread the word about the number of arrests being made so it discourages them to follow in the foot steps of peer group pressure.

Every subtle touch point helps the cause.

If you need graffiti removal in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Queensland then give the experts at Graffiti Eaters a call on 1300 305 307 today.