As experts in graffiti removal, we pride ourselves in our ability to be able to treat and clean graffiti from a wide range of surfaces with little or no impact on the finish of the area being cleaned.

During the last 45 plus years that we have been providing graffiti removal services around Australia, we have continued to develop and refine our vast range of cleaning solutions to allow us to provide the best result every time.

However, while our team can achieve great graffiti removal results on each job, there are many surface and substrate types where the use of an anti-graffiti coating to protect the property from graffiti vandalism is highly recommended.

Anti-graffiti protective coatings are an excellent way to not only protect property against graffiti vandalism and make the removal of graffiti tags a much easier and more effective task, these coatings can also help to protect surfaces from dirt and grime build up, as well as seal out moisture which can be very important on things like natural stone.

The application of an anti-graffiti coating on specially painted wall areas, like the one shown here, is also highly recommended as it will allow for graffiti tags to be fully removed without the risk of damage to the artwork.

By protecting surfaces with a specially designed, long-life, anti-graffiti coating, it ensures that the area can have graffiti removal performed multiple times, without any risk of damage to the finish.

In the case of bare surfaces that are highly porous, like concrete or brick, an anti-graffiti coating will seal the porous substrate to ensure that the graffiti substance can’t penetrate deep into the surface. If this were to happen, it makes the process of effectively cleaning the graffiti a much bigger task, requiring more time and the use of additional cleaning solutions.

So, for many property owners the expense of having an anti-graffiti coating may seem like an un-necessary one, in the long run it can provide great savings and help to ensure the look and integrity of the property.

If you have a property that is regularly the target of graffiti or are building a new property that you would like to protect, our team of technicians can provide you with the right advice on the best protective coating to suit the location and substrate.

Additionally, we can take care of the full surface preparation and application process to ensure that the coating is properly applied and will last.

To find out more about our anti-graffiti protective coatings, give our customer service team a call.