No one likes to be the target of senseless graffiti vandalism, and all business or property owners would like to stop it from happening at all. While there are some steps that can be taken to help reduce this risk of graffiti, one of the best methods to deter it is acting quickly to have graffiti properly removed when it does occur.

Many graffiti vandals will often go back to a location where they have left their tags to see their work or show their friends.

Locations like construction sites, industrial buildings, schools and sporting facilities, or community areas are easy targets for graffiti vandals, and they will often target these locations at night when no one is around.

As a result, if these areas have been hit by graffiti and there is no action taken to remove it, more often than not this will soon result in more graffiti vandalism being done at the same property.

However, we find that if the graffiti is removed within a few days of it happening, this will usually result in less frequent cases of graffiti vandalism, or it stops completely.

When property has been hit with graffiti and no attempt to remove it is done for many months or years, graffiti vandals usually see this as an opportunity to have their work on display and target the area more as it is less likely that their tags will be removed.

As graffiti vandals often must either purchase or steal the spray paints they use for their tags, they will commonly only use it in locations where the graffiti isn’t being removed.

When graffiti is quickly and professionally removed after it has been done, the culprits will be less likely to target the same area again, as they don’t want to waste their paint on tags that will quickly be cleaned. Additionally, other graffiti vandals will also be deterred from hitting the same property when they see that any tags are simply removed as soon as they appear.

By having the graffiti removal done by professionals, like our team at The Graffiti Eaters, you can be sure that you will get the best result possible, and usually there will be no trace of the graffiti at all.

This sends a strong message to graffiti vandals and shows them that their graffiti will simply vanish with no trace or impact on the property they targeted. So as a result, they get no satisfaction from the risks they took to do the graffiti in the first place.

So, if you would like to reduce the instance of graffiti at your property, the best solution is acting quickly to have it removed.