We have all witnessed that one tradesperson who acts as if they are bulletproof – standing on the top rung of a ladder, working on roofs without a harness or spraying chemicals without a mask. While these situations can be amusing to watch when you’re an unrelated bystander, if this was happening on your property, you could be the person accountable in court if an accident occurred.

So far 117 Australians have been killed at work in 2016*, with many more injured. In the graffiti removal industry, there are many hazards to deal with such as:

High-pressure water and hoses
Chemical Solutions
Electrical leads and tools
Working at heights using ladders, scaffolds and cherry pickers
Traffic and pedestrian management

Traffic and pedestrian management is particularly important. Often when we are working on the front a property such as removing graffiti off a fence or shop front, we are required to occupy a footpath or even the road. Council permits are oven required prior to blocking off footpaths or sections of the road and the area affected must be cordoned off with warning signs visible.

Careful worksite management is especially important when there are children, disabled or elderly people present.

We provide our clients with personalised risk assessments that identify all hazards and ensure that the required controls are put in place before the work commences. These documents contain before and after photos and can be accessed via our complimentary client portal for future reference.

The Graffiti Eaters complies with the OH&S standard AS/NZ 4801, and incorporates fully compliant Work Method Statements and Job Safety Analysis. We provide documented evidence that our services receive annual auditing by a third party firm to ensure compliance.

Read more about our OH&S compliance, or book for your graffiti removal to be conducted by qualified and compliant professionals.

*As of 6th September 2016, source: Safe Work Australia