Those considering buying a franchise are spoilt for choice. Aspiring business owners can choose from traditional fast foods, clothing and electrical goods to niche services provided at the client’s location. These mobile service franchises are growing in popularity and are attracting a broader audience to business ownership.

Mobile franchises provide greater accessibility to business ownership for most Australians. Traditional bricks-and-mortar franchises can cost upwards of $500,000. The high barrier to entry is unavoidable, as a significant portion goes towards the fit out and furniture, aligning the style and branding with the franchise.

As extravagant as that seems, the costs don’t stop there. Franchisees then face ongoing costs of rent in a high foot-traffic location, maintaining inventory and electricity. And surely you’re not going to man the store yourself for every opening hour – you better hire some employees. These employees will no doubt require training and managing.

Mobile franchises have lower barriers of entry, and lower running costs with your vehicle, equipment, petrol and insurance being the main expenses. This opens business ownership to a broader and often younger audience.

Mobile franchising enables you to escape the trap of residing between the ‘same four walls’ each day. New places and new faces to keep you interested and motivated.

If you’re sick of the peak hour commute you’ll probably find that there’s just as much work available in the outer suburbs. Most claim an exclusive franchise territory comprising of their residential suburb and a handful of surrounding areas.

Not being tied to one location enables greater flexibility in your life. If you need to collect the children from childcare, or wish to take a long weekend away, you’ll have greater flexibility to make this happen.

Mobile service franchisees have the opportunity to gain greater value from their clients than those who rely on clients to visit them. By visiting clients, you can properly assess their requirements and provide personalised solutions, by upselling or cross selling services.

The interaction is less transactional and more personal, enabling likable and knowledgeable individuals to build rapport and develop relationships with clients. Successful franchisees will leverage these relationships and supplement this by servicing the leads provided by head office. Spend less time searching for jobs and more time doing them.

The in-demand services are tasks which aren’t game-changing or glamorous. They’re tasks that provide solutions to problems and require specialist skills and equipment to conduct properly.

A common problem facing many facility managers, business owners, councils, schools and homeowners is graffiti vandalism. Graffiti requires urgent removal to prevent further instances of graffiti vandalism and reputation damage. Most individuals don’t have the necessary skills and equipment to conduct graffiti removal, often creating further damage when attempting to do so.

The Graffiti Eaters have mobile graffiti and stain removal franchises available in most major Australian cities. Existing franchisees have partnerships with local government and businesses who rely upon their expertise not only for graffiti removal, but also for the removal of many other stains.

Gain the knowledge and proprietary techniques our research and development team have developed throughout 40+ years’ of graffiti removal experience. Contact us for a friendly chat today!