You’ve probably noticed through your own employment or through your friends and family members, that the traditional 38 hour working week is becoming a thing of the past. Attending early meetings, working late to meet deadlines and then answering client calls and emails during the evening or weekends can encroach on time spent with family and friends. While it is great to love your work, overdoing it can lead to many problems: perhaps starting with job-hopping and leading onto stress-related illness, depression and marriage breakdown. The impact of not being there when your children grow up is harmful for everyone!

Ideally you or someone close will identify the warning signs, and you will seek positive changes to your lifestyle. To avoid the same lifestyle, you may need to step away from your current industry and seek something vastly different.

Long hours are not exclusive to select fields, most professional white-collar industries are trending in this direction. However there are many areas of growth and opportunities for success outside of a desk cubicle.

With manufacturing on the decline, service-based jobs are experiencing significant growth, accounting for 70%* of all industry growth in Australia over the past 5 years. The real in-demand services are the mobile services, visiting clients and performing services for those who don’t have the expertise, resources or time to perform the task themselves.

Mobile services offer lifestyle advantages over employment based at a single location. Firstly, you’re able to work close to home. Reducing your commute by 15 minutes each way could mean you can eat breakfast and dinner with your family. It reduces the need to live close to the city, allowing for a larger home with a backyard in a nice, quiet suburb.

Many successful mobile service businesses offer dedicated individuals the opportunity to become franchise partners. Mobile franchise partners receive the best advantages of the self-employed and employees! They have control over their working hours. Need to drop your daughter off at daycare at 8:30am? Need to pick your son up from football training at 5:00pm? You have the ability to schedule your clients around these commitments.

And unlike the self-employed, you have a strong support team behind you. This team takes care of marketing, inbound enquiries, job allocation, accounting, IT, managing staff, and all the other tedious tasks which keep you away from your family. Your job becomes less complicated – you can simply focus on providing a great service.

You may not be experienced in providing the particular service, but that’s rarely an issue. Most new franchise partners come from different industries, and franchisors expect this. Leading franchisors will provide in-depth training, as your success is important for both parties.

The Graffiti Eaters are seeking additional mobile franchise partners across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Our existing franchise partners perform services which are in high demand from local government, retailers, shopping centres, banks and schools. These services include graffiti removal, application of protective coatings, façade cleaning, high pressure cleaning and carefully removing stains such as oil, paint, grease, chewing gum, mould, efflorescence.

With 40+ years’ experience in this area, we have pioneered the way graffiti and stains are removed and are offering you the opportunity to be part of our continual growth. Work close to home in your own allocated territory, work around your family commitments and receive training and support from head office.

Read more about our mobile franchise opportunities or contact us to arrange a friendly chat.