We were all touched by the recent events that tragically cut down the life of a beautiful young women, and the outpouring of grief that followed.

But when do we justify graffiti as not being vandalism when it is illegally posted?

The recent graffiti tribute to Jill, although sympathetic, it needs to be said that this is still illegal, no permit was granted by Council, and it was on private property in a lane way granted, was already covered in graffiti.

As a community we need to be very careful that the signals we send are not conflicting. This graffiti vandal has achieved his goal of notoriety! With spots on the TV news and in newspapers.

Do we tolerate this or not? We have now fueled him and others to go one further!

Where is the boundary of what we accept as a society? On this wall it’s not illegal, but on that wall across the road it is!

Or if I graffiti and express my emotions and make a tribute to someone its OK!

He could have done the same work on a canvas tarp that could have been easily removed at no cost to the community, that expressed the same emotions!

How do we promote to our kids that graffiti is wrong and yet plastered over the news we have city councillors talking about preserving the illegal work?

Then we have the issue discussed in the article below only three weeks earlier. Statistics prove that graffiti is at the start of the violence chain and areas covered in graffiti lead to more serious crime involving assault and property damage. This article talks about the challenges faced by our Police Force and their concerns in this very same lane way. With council spending 60,000 dollars of rate payers money to then try and make the area safer. This is what lead to our streets becoming unsafe for Jill in the first place!

We seem to be in a vicious circle here!

The costs associated with a society that lacks respect for others and their property you can not put a price on. Not just measured in dollars and cents, but in trauma, mental and physical, as we have seen by this tragic loss of life.

Our people in power need to be very clear of the message they send if they want to control graffiti vandalism….or is it no longer illegal and vandalism…..I’m confused!

I welcome your thoughts and comments…..