cheap graffiti remover spray

Like many proud home and business owners, I take pride in the appearance of my property. When something is damaged or looking a little worn, I have no hesitation in visiting my local hardware store and purchasing the necessary supplies to fix it myself.

However, some tasks are more difficult than others. There may not be one single solution to that problem, or there may be a risk of causing more damage if the task is performed incorrectly.

Last year the pipes in my house required replacing; this task was allocated to a reputable plumber. While I consider myself to be quiet capable, I know that calling a professional will save me time and money in the long run.

I’m often asked about the DIY graffiti remover products sold for low prices in hardware stores. These products contain a single graffiti remover solution in an aerosol can or container.

The problem with these products is that there is no ‘single solution’ for removing graffiti. Graffiti vandalism occurs on a wide variety of surfaces – bricks, render, timber, glass, colorbond, stainless steel, concrete, stone, vehicles, the list goes on!

And that’s only half of the problem. You also have to consider what was used to apply the graffiti. Aerosol paint (gloss or matte), regular house paint or markers?

How can one single solution work effectively for such a wide variety of applications? A solution which works for removing aerosol paint from bricks, won’t be suitable for removing marker graffiti from timber. Specialist knowledge is required to select the right cleaning formulation for the application.

As a best case scenario, administering the wrong cleaning formulation will result in the graffiti remaining on the surface. However in many situations, you will be left with staining or even structural damage (as you will see from the images below). Many graffiti removers contain strong chemicals which cause property damage and further staining when administered incorrectly. There is a common perception that bricks, concrete and stone are strong surfaces, but in reality they are soft, porous and will crumble when certain chemicals come in contact.

Another reason why hardware store graffiti remover products fail is that they don’t provide the additional equipment required to perform graffiti removal properly. Graffiti removal is more than simply pouring or spraying a solution over the affected area. The offending paint needs to be carefully drawn out to the surface, where it can be extracted. Careful application of a high pressure cleaner is used (this is a skill in itself) to complete the cleaning. A vacuum recovery system is used to collect any waste and prevent it from entering storm-water drains.

To ensure we can remove any type of graffiti from any surface, our surface restoration technicians carry 26 different formulations at all times. With extensive training and experience, we know which formulation and equipment to use, and how to restore the surface to its original condition without causing structural damage.

To ensure your graffiti problem is handled with care and expertise, contact The Graffiti Eaters. With 40+ years’ experience in graffiti removal, we understand the complexities of surface restoration which enables us to completely remove graffiti in a safe, non-abrasive manner. That’s why we are trusted to remove graffiti for Woolworths, Kmart, 7/11, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, as well as homeowners who wish to have the job done properly.