Image and appearance are very important aspects for any property, business or service, so keeping facilities, equipment and vehicles clean and looking their best can greatly improve the public perception of an organisation.

As transport services and vehicles are mobile, their visibility to the greater public is much higher than a business location or facility. So, when these are the target for graffiti vandalism, there is a much higher impact on the organisation’s image and brand due to the extra exposure the vehicle will receive.

However, when a vehicle has been hit by graffiti, it can present a real catch 22 situation for the organisation, as taking the vehicle out of service can often greatly impact the ability to provide services.

This will usually result in lost revenue, delivery delays or inconvenience to people that rely on the transportation services provided by the vehicle or equipment.

At The Graffiti Eaters, our team understand the urgency of keeping vehicles in service. Therefore, in the event of a graffiti attack, we can provide a fast response time to take care of the graffiti removal from the affected vehicles.

In addition to our wide range of unique graffiti cleaning solutions, a big part of being able to quickly attend any site and complete graffiti removal jobs are our custom designed and built surface restoration vehicles that each of our technicians use.

Each of our vehicles is fitted out with all the equipment needed to take care of graffiti removal jobs of any size and in any location. This includes onboard water tanks, generators for electricity, and industrial strength pressure cleaning systems.

So, in the event of an urgent graffiti job call out, we can redirect any of our technicians that are out on the road to your site, and they can arrive ready to go and take care of your graffiti removal.

This means that there is no need to take your car, truck or transport equipment out of service for extended periods, as we can take care on the graffiti remove at your site and have it ready to go again in no time.