With the ever-growing reliance on digital and electrical services in our society, more and more infrastructure and utilities are being placed around residential areas to cater for this demand.

The core locations of such services are usually housed in custom built cabinets and data boxes which can commonly be seen in most streets.

Unfortunately, these are an easy target for graffiti vandals as they are located in areas that are not only easily accessed, but down quiet streets where many perpetrators can often live.

The powder-coated or painted finish on these utility boxes can be fully cleaned allowing for effective removal of graffiti provided the correct cleaning solution is used. However, it is vital that care is taken not to use chemicals or solvents that can damage the coating.

In addition, as these cabinets are out in the open and exposed to the harsh elements and strong UV, the finish can oxidise over time, weakening it and making it easier to be affected by strong cleaning products.

We often see such infrastructure that has been impacted by graffiti and had an attempted graffiti removal job. In many cases, this has left a smeared finish on the surface where the cleaning products used have softened the cabinet’s coating and simply blended the graffiti paint into the cabinet finish.

Another common sight is where the graffiti has simply been painted over. Many of these utility cabinets are made from a special heat transferring material, to help the internal components stay cool. For this reason, it’s not recommended to paint over the graffiti on these boxes, as it may impact on the internal components if heat build-up becomes too high.

Our Technicians are trained to recognise the type of surface coating or finish that has been used on these boxes and can treat and clean them using one or a combination of our specialist cleaning solutions. This ensures that minimal impact is made to the original coating and often will leave the surface looking brighter again.

If you have cabinets or utility boxes on your property that have been affected by graffiti, give our team a call today.