External fencing and feature walls provide our properties with privacy and security. They can also be used as a sound barrier to reduce noise from nearby roadways or commercial businesses.

When these walls face out to open public areas, it usually doesn’t take long before graffiti vandalism begins and pretty soon the entire length of the wall is covered in graffiti tags.

Such areas can be constantly targeted, even with quick action to remove or paint over the graffiti, these types of locations are often hit with an endless barrage of graffiti vandalism.

Protecting the surface of these walls with a quality anti-graffiti product is a great way to ensure that the graffiti removal process is more successful and efficient. So, we always recommend this for such areas.

However, this won’t do much to prevent the on-going attacks in such locations.

A great way to prevent graffiti vandalism on these areas is through the use of plants and vegetation to create a physical barrier in front of the wall.

When set up correctly, this works because it makes it much more difficult for graffiti vandals to reach the wall due to the volume of plants that are preventing direct access.

Additionally, as the plants screen off the wall, making it and any graffiti much less visible, vandals are often put off by this as no-one will be able to see their tags.

In the example you can see in the photo here, the plants that have been placed between the wall and the roadway below have created an excellent barrier. As a result, this wall now rarely gets targeted by graffiti vandals and the garden provides a great looking, natural environment.

So, if you have external walls or fences that are often a target for graffiti, consider if you can use plants to create a natural barrier to help reduce the graffiti problem.