Workplace Health and Safety has been a high priority in Australia for many years and when it comes to contractors, using a company that’s compliant is crucial for your protection, as well as theirs.

A lot of the jobs that contractors provide involve access to high-risk locations on property, as well as the use of equipment and chemicals that can cause personal injury and damage to property.

Most people have witnessed a trades person who acted carelessly by performing work whilst standing on the top rung of an unsecured ladder or working on a roof top without a harness or even using chemicals without any protective equipment.

If these types of reckless actions were to happen on your property by an un-compliant contractor, you could be held accountable in court if an accident was to occur.

So, when you are obtaining a quote from a contractor for work to be performed at your property, be sure to check that they are fully compliant and insured.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we provide all our clients with a personalised risk assessments that identifies all hazards and ensures that the required controls are put in place before any work commences. These documents contain before and after photos of the job site and can be accessed via our complimentary client portal for future reference.

The Graffiti Eaters complies with the OH&S standard AS/NZ 4801 and incorporates fully compliant Work Method Statements and Job Safety Analysis.

We provide documented evidence that our services receive annual auditing by a third-party firm to ensure compliance.

Next time you hire contractors to perform work at your property, don’t risk being held responsible for the actions of reckless and un-compliant operators.