Graffiti vandalism can strike at the most in-appropriate times. Unfortunately, vandals don’t care about the property they target and the effects it can have on a business image or local community.

In the example shown in the photos here, a local school was targeted during a week night. As a result, 5 of their school buses were tagged with large graffiti applied on all sides of the vehicles.

The school uses these buses for the daily school pick-up and home runs, as well as for taking students to events during the course of the day.

On the Friday morning, the school became aware of the graffiti attack, and contacted our technicians to see if we could have the buses cleaned up before midday.

We were on site quickly, and had the clean up job under control and completed in time for the school to be able to use the buses at 12 as required.

So, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your image has been compromised due to graffiti vandalism, and are in need to urgent help, call our hotline and we’ll have our technicians on site as soon as possible to get your property clean again.