This article written by a publisher of a magazine alleged to encourage graffiti vandalism This case was recently brought to court in the UK and serves to provide many insights into the mindset behind the perpetrators of graffiti.

I won’t share the outcome of the court case – I’ll let you read the article to find that out – but some of the themes that come through the article are:

Graffiti is usually carried out by persons rebelling (at least at the outset) against the cultural norms of the day, in some way
Because of the amount of effort people like you and I are putting into stopping or removing what we see as a nuisance and ugly blight on the walls of our community and workplaces, the act of carrying out the vandalism provides an adrenalin rush and excitement for the perpetrators
Graffiti vandals gain satisfaction from either seeing their name (tag) on walls around where they live and in other communities, or from seeing and hearing their graffiti appreciated by fellow artists or the general public
Our society gives mixed messages to the perpetrators of graffiti – asking for their creative assistance for film sets and other “commissioned work” on the one hand and putting them in prison for their crimes on the other
There are those of the graffiti subculture who recognise that they should be more thoughtful in regard to only placing graffiti on buildings approved by the community, and by considering the community with regard to the content of their creations

As a property owner, The Graffiti Eaters recommend understanding the above and taking it into consideration when managing your property. We believe the implications are:

Remove tags or graffiti painted on your walls as quickly as possible to discourage others to add their mark – The Graffiti Eaters can help with our express service
Apply an anti-graffiti coating to the affected surface to make it easy to remove future graffiti
Keep your walls and property well maintained to make your property a less likely target
When choosing a new property for your business, choose a location with well-maintained surrounding properties, and that doesn’t have lots of graffiti already present in surrounding streets
Participate in community programs to make public walls available for the addition of public art to give people a canvas upon which to express themselves.