As experts in the treatment and removal of graffiti, many of the graffiti removal jobs we attend involve graffiti that has been applied to bare brick surfaces. These range from residential property walls that face out to a side street, walls of commercial property and shopping centres, or a public facility like the local football club.

In any instance of graffiti vandalism, we encourage property owners to act fast and attend to the removal of new graffiti vandalism quickly. Doing so will make the removal job easier and more effective as the longer graffiti paint is left on a surface, the more time it has to harden and be baked on by UV rays. It also deters more graffiti, as quick removal sends a message to vandals that graffiti tags won’t be left untreated.

We often see the result of graffiti cleaning attempts by many property owners and facility managers that have tried to remove the graffiti using abrasive scrubbing methods. This usually leaves a permanent mark on bricks as these methods will often damage the surface leaving a permanent scar.

Another common method used is chemical bleaching. This process can remove a lot of the graffiti paint, however it often stains the substrate and leaves a chalky looking white patch.

What is important to understand is that harsh and abrasive cleaning methods used on brick will open up the external pores of the brick surface leaving the brickwork vulnerable to moisture absorption, which in turn will cause problems like rising damp.

In some cases, we have seen properties with older brickwork that have required the bricks to be replaced due to crumbling as a result of damage caused by harsh and incorrect graffiti cleaning methods.

Our Research and Development Team at The Graffiti Eaters have spent many years developing, testing and trialling different cleaning solutions in a wide range of substrates to find the best graffiti removal solutions.

With over 45 years of experience nationwide, our team of trained Technicians know exactly the type of cleaning solution and treatment process to use on any hard surface. This ensures that our clients never have to worry about potential property damage and can rest assured that they will get the best result every time.

For property that is a regular victim of graffiti vandalism, we recommend the application of a suitable anti-graffiti coating. This helps to ensure that any future graffiti attacks are easier to clean, greatly reducing the removal cost.

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