Preventing vandalism on commercial property is essential to protect your business and maintain a professional image. Vandalism, including graffiti, damage to property, and scratching of glass surfaces, can attract further acts of vandalism and lead to shoplifting and other anti-social behaviour. Having a strategy that reduces the number of vandalism incidents and enables quicker repair is key to winning the battle against vandals.

One effective method is to control access to areas with low visibility, such as loading docks, rear exits, and laneways. Installing high fences and gates and removing items that can be used to climb over, such as rubbish bins and skips, can reduce this type of behaviour. Video surveillance and anti-graffiti coatings can also be useful in these areas.

Quick removal of graffiti when it happens is also a very effective way to deter more attacks. By removing graffiti as soon as it happens, sends a strong message to graffiti vandals that any tags will simply be removed and often will result in them not targeting the area.

Strengthening glass surfaces, such as street-facing windows, is also important. Glass protection films can prevent scratching and make graffiti and other vandalism easy to remove. For properties that are repeatedly targeted with broken windows, shatterproof glass and protection films may be necessary.

Walls and signs are also common targets for vandals. To protect these areas, consider using plants, artistic murals, and anti-graffiti coatings. Coatings for signage made of various materials, such as vinyl, can also prevent unreadable signs from causing a loss in sales.

Finally, vacant properties are also at risk of vandalism. To protect these properties, consider implementing measures such as security cameras and alarms, and working with local authorities to increase patrols in the area.