Any type of property can be a target for graffiti vandalism and unfortunately this usually leaves the property owners and managers having to decide on what to do and how to deal with the graffiti.

The photo here shows an example of a business that has been the victim of graffiti along the length of the side wall that faces out to the street. This graffiti vandalism would have only taken a matter of minutes to apply but will require a number of hours to carefully remove from the various surfaces that have been affected as well as re-painting the length of the wall

As with most graffiti on business property, if this is not dealt with quickly it will reflect poorly on the image of the business and often encourage further acts of graffiti at the same location. When graffiti isn’t quickly removed, it is common to see more and more graffiti appear on the same building, and also spread further onto other properties close by.

Removing graffiti as soon as it appears will deter any further vandalism as the people responsible for it will usually see that targeting the property is a waste of time due to the fact that their graffiti will be removed almost as quickly as it was applied. This give leaves them little reward for the risk being taken and the perpetrators are often reluctant to waste their spray paint when they know it will be cleaned off quickly.

To help reduce cases of graffiti, the community and businesses need to work together to take quick action to keep their area clean and deter graffiti vandals. Here are few more tips for keeping on top of graffiti.

Properties with large, single colour fences and walls should consider implementing murals or barriers like garden beds to help deter graffiti on the area. Graffiti vandals will usually look for a large, blank canvas to target, so if there is a way of turning such an area into something tasteful with a pattern or different colours or making it difficult to reach by creating a barrier, it will be far less likely to be targeted.

It is recommended that businesses and property owners in areas of frequent graffiti vandalism invest in anti-graffiti coatings. This makes the graffiti very easy to remove as it prevents the graffiti substance from being absorbed into the substrate so that it doesn’t cause permanent damage.

Easily visible security cameras should be installed so that graffiti vandals can see they are being watched and will be less likely to act.

Police should also be notified of graffiti attacks and provided with any information that could lead to the arrest of these vandals.

And again, graffiti needs to be removed as soon as possible to discourage further incidents as well as allowing for the best clean up result.

If you are the unfortunate victim of graffiti vandalism and need graffiti removed, or if you would like to make your property protected by the use of a quality anti-graffiti coating, contact our customer service team for more information.