At The Graffiti Eaters, managing your site so that it is kept ‘graffiti free’ is a solution we specialise in.

Active graffiti management, if handled correctly, can greatly reduce risk, frustration and further expense associated with graffiti removal. Our aim is to make the public and other potential graffiti vandals believe that the graffiti never existed in the first place

When we remove graffiti as part of our ongoing maintenance programs the public don’t have the opportunity to witness ongoing vandalism and this is of the utmost importance both to maintain your clean image and to remove the very motivation the vandals have for spraying graffiti in the first place – recognition.

When vandals receive praise and acknowledgement from their peers for undertaking acts of vandalism they are encouraged to continue but when this initial rush of adrenalin and pride is taken away, so is the desire to graffiti your property.

Many vandals have trouble accessing paint and either have to steal it or buy it, so they don’t waste it on sites they know are going to be cleaned frequently – as a result they give up very quickly once they know the graffiti vandalism is being adequately managed and future attacks will significantly decrease.

Graffiti vandals love to target derelict sites where their efforts are on display for many months but when their vandalism is left on prominent sites for extended periods they become more and more brazen and become more comfortable with vandalising businesses and sites in the open public; perhaps this has happened to you.

“You will never see major graffiti on corporate premises like McDonald’s and this is simply due to the ongoing maintenance programs put in place.”

Our team maintain and clean a variety of corporate sites daily under our maintenance program because as professional businesses – they don’t tolerate ongoing vandalism. Corporate businesses are becoming increasingly unpopular targets for graffiti gangs as undertaking extensive graffiti is simply a waste of time due to the efficient and effective removal methods put into practice by our surface restoration technicians.

The graffiti management budgets for businesses we work with have been dramatically reduced over the past five years because the vandals know there is no point wasting paint on their sites. To achieve a graffiti-free result long term, you need a consistent, determined and focused effort. That’s what our Graffiti Maintenance Programs are designed to do.

At many local sites such as councils and shopping centres, the openness and vulnerability of the facade means graffiti can quickly get out of control and this often leads to other crime like broken windows, burglaries, assaults and serious crimes like rape.

The connection between graffiti and more serious crime has been made time and again as it has been shown to be the first stage of a downhill spiral that can be very difficult and costly to regain control.

Members of the public then avoid certain areas for safety concerns and once a centre has this reputation, it is very difficult to reverse it.

Don’t let this happen to you; stay on top of the vandalism and you will see it disappear. When we initially clean sites of graffiti (under our Graffiti Maintenance Programs) the vandals who are familiar with the area will test us and apply several tags to see how quickly it is removed. If you clean the graffiti once and then don’t follow up, the graffiti will quickly return. It’s a game to the vandals.

We combat the graffiti gangs and their vandalism head on by removing it quick enough for them to get the message. This message, while effective can sometimes take 3 to 12 months to achieve and is best managed by the experts at The Graffiti Eaters with both an in depth understanding of both how to remove and how to overcome the psychological games played by the reckless vandals in your area.

Once a sufficient graffiti maintenance program is in place vandals become concerned that extra police and/or security patrols and video surveillance could also be put in place which means the risk of being caught increases. For 90% of the vandals this risk is too high and they move on to safer targets. If you then just have to attend to the brazen 10% remaining, the cost to maintain this is manageable long term, and this is what the monthly maintenance fee of our services is able to cover.

‘Graffiti Eaters’ Graffiti Maintenance Program includes 6 key ingredients to ensure successful graffiti-free areas:

An assessment of the risk profile for various areas at the site
Initial Clean-up of the agreed areas conducted at the start of the program (This needs to be done before any maintenance programs can commence
Proprietary surface restoration techniques employed by our technicians to save both time and expense for clients
Weekly or Fortnightly patrols then conducted to ensure the area remains graffiti free
Within 3 months the incidence of graffiti starts reducing as vandals lose motivation
Within 4 months public perception of the area and its reputation for safety is greatly improved leading to increased patronage.