David de Beyer, our graffiti removal expert in Aberfoyle Park (South West Adelaide), achieved fantastic results when performing graffiti removal for KAS Property Development Group. KAS hire sheds for the storage of their equipment when performing large commercial property construction across Adelaide.

Graffiti causes significant problems in these situations. If the graffiti is not acted upon quickly, it sends a message to the offenders and other youths that they can get away with anti-social behaviour in the area. Construction sites are attractive to vandals because they are seen as interesting / challenging work in progress, and not as secure as a finished property, so the threat of vandalism or theft of building materials and equipment is high. It’s important to demonstrate that any anti-social behaviour after-hours won’t be tolerated.

Vandalised and poorly maintained equipment also reflects badly on the construction company. A large construction site can be a great form of advertising, when your signage is placed in front of a new development that attracts the attention of passers-by. Construction firms take pride in maintaining a professional appearance to place themselves in the best position to capitalise from this publicity.

In relation to the services provided for KAS, graffiti had been attached to a hired shed. KAS were keen to rectify the problem and avoid any complications and maintain a positive relationship with the hire company.

Colorbond steel structures require extra care due to the high risk of causing damage. Colorbond is often chosen for shed construction due to its ability to withstand corrosion. However its strength can be easily diminished through abrasive treatment or exposure to harsh chemicals. This type of treatment can result in scratching and discolouration, and leave the steel susceptible to rust and oxidisation.

As you can see in the photos, David was able to completely remove the graffiti and restore the surface to its original condition. You wouldn’t even know the incident had occurred; that’s the way graffiti removal should be conducted.

The Graffiti Eaters work with many construction and other commercial clients to maintain their assets and their image.

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