The shopping centre and nearby businesses in the Sydney suburb of Emerton have been facing a constant battle with graffiti vandals (see article: ).

The Emerton Village Shopping Centre has been subjected to 100-150 incidents of graffiti vandalism each year. Unfortunately the local Blacktown Council’s $1.2 million graffiti removal and deterrence budget does not cover the shopping centre, leaving tenants out of pocket.

Graffiti vandals often cause other problems such as leaving rubbish behind, as was found by the staff of the Iron Gym Fitness Centre, who attempted to clean the graffiti and rubbish but changed their mind when they saw needles.

Unfortunately, graffiti is a major problem for many shop owners across Australia. It downgrades the appearance of a business, which may stop potential customers from entering, and could even impact their perception of the entire street and suburb.

If graffiti vandals are not discouraged from spending time in the area, further anti-social activities such as shop-lifting, gang-related activity and destruction of property*.

The Graffiti Eaters have taken over the responsibility of removing graffiti for many shopping centres. By creating a maintenance agreement, we will maintain your premises, removing graffiti as soon as it surfaces, for an agreed monthly price.

The Graffiti Eaters also provide anti-graffiti coatings for a range of surfaces, to make the removal of graffiti from signs, walls and windows that much quicker. Shopping centres are often subjected to a variety of difficult stains – we are experts at:

Façade cleaning
Bill poster removal
Removal of dirt, moss and chewing gum from pavement
Cleaning shade sails
Oil stain removal
Carpark line marking removal

Please view out Shopping Centre Maintenance page to see what we can do for your property, or contact the Graffiti Eaters to discuss your maintenance needs.

*Australian Institute of Criminology