Even though we are experts in graffiti removal, and have spent many years developing cleaning solutions and processes for treating and cleaning graffiti from a wide range of surfaces, we can still appreciate quality street art.

In fact, we feel this is a great way to brighten up public spaces and allow our talented street artists to present their exceptional talent.

This form of art is not only great for use in our city spaces, but rural towns are also taking to this art form as show in this article by the ABC.

Unfortunately, not all graffiti vandals respect this form of artwork and many of this murals are still the target of graffiti tags.

This can spell disaster for the painted artwork if it hasn’t been protected by a quality anti-graffiti coating that is suitable for the paint surface.

In many cases, trying to clean graffiti from such murals that are un-protected by anti-graffiti, ends up with damage being caused to the mural paint and leaving a messy patch on the artwork.

By applying a suitable anti-graffiti over the finished artwork upon completion, any graffiti tags that are applied to the mural can be effectively cleaned and removed without and damage to the street art.

We have a wide range or anti-graffiti coatings suitable for many surface types, and our technicians are highly trained in the application of these coatings.

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