Don’t let your valuable assets look like this – get graffiti removed quickly by trained professionals!
As a victim of a graffiti vandalism attack, your emotions such as frustration, confusion and anger are quick to surface.

While the first response may be to find the responsible party, and deal out your own punishment, it is generally a good idea to take a moment to calmly collect your thoughts!

It’s also a good idea to report the graffiti to the Police – remember, graffiti ‘artists’ are only after recognition from their peers, meaning they use the same identifiable tag every time. This makes each tag they draw a piece of ‘evidence’ the Police can use to track down the culprit.

With your property now tagged, it becomes a magnet for future attacks – if vandals see graffiti on a surface, in their minds it is an invitation to add their own. Just look at the images above – if you neglect your property, it will eventually look like this.

Therefore, it is imperative that you act quickly to get it removed – by removing graffiti fast you not only ensure that the graffiti can be removed easily (saving you money), but you also send the vandals a strong statement – ‘my site is controlled by me!’. If the graffiti is not left on display they will be less likely to attack your property again.

Our professionally trained Surface Restoration Technicians are capable of removing graffiti damage of any scale – BUT!

The cost benefits of removing graffiti fast are substantial – you’ll pay somewhere in the low hundreds for small amounts to be removed, but let your graffiti get to the stage in the pictures above, and you could be up for a hefty five-figure sum.

There’s never been a better time to GET IT OFF – contact the Graffiti Eaters today for a professional consultation.

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