We Australians love our colorbond! No more galvanised iron roofs … we want colorbond. But not just for our roofs, we match our garage doors, fences and sheds in the same colour.

The Graffiti Eaters are frequently called upon for the delicate job of removing graffiti off colorbond. It’s a delicate job because of the special surface coating which is constructed to prevent corrosion. When used by unskilled workers, even mild chemicals can seriously damage colorbond, wearing through the delicate coating or scratching the surface. Once the colorbond surface is damaged, the product will rust.

The Graffiti Eaters Research and Development Division have determined that the best way to remove graffiti off colorbond involves a hand cleaning technique that controls the dwell time and pressure applied to the surface coating, combined with the correct cleaning solution. The wrong chemicals applied to the surface can also wear through the special coating.

The Graffiti Eaters process restores the surface by using a soft cleaning solution that breaks down the basis of the graffiti without affecting the colorbond. We agitate gently using specially designed applicators to dissolve the graffiti’s molecular base. The surface is then carefully neutralised at the correct pH levels to leave the surface completely clean.

The photo below shows just one example of the Graffiti Eaters successful projects to remove graffiti.

You want it off, we’ll get it off!If a repeat graffiti attack is likely (removing the graffiti as soon as possible after it is painted will help reduce the likelihood) then you might like to consider an anti-graffiti coating to be applied to your colorbond steel walls, fences and roofs. The coating will give a slight increase in the gloss level of the colorbond, however, the coating will help make repeat graffiti removal quicker and more cost effective, and further protect the surface of your steel.