While printed advertising posters and signage skins can look great, and be an excellent way for business to promote their products or services, the adhesive backing or glue used to stick these to walls and property will work it’s way deep into the substrate and become very difficult to effectively clean.

The companies that produce these adhesive skins and posters do a great job of making sure that once these are stuck to a surface, they stay in place and last when exposed to outdoor elements.

However, making sure this residue is able to be easily removed is not part of their concern when developing their product.

As a result, when the time comes to remove the poster or signage skin, there is often a tough glue like coating that remains intact to the surface where the skin was in place.

Depending on the substrate, effectively cleaning this residue can vary greatly unless treated with special cleaning solutions and a suitable removal process.

Our team of technicians has a range of cleaning solutions and specialist equipment that they can use to perform cleaning and removal of such build up on a wide range of surface types.

This process can include pressure cleaning the area using super heated water that can cut through tough, sticky residue and wash it off porous substrate like brick and cement.

In addition to this, our team is trained in waste management to ensure that any water or cleaning solution run off is captured and collected, to prevent it running off into storm water drains.

Large scale treatment and cleaning jobs can be done very efficiently using our custom surface restoration vehicles and equipment, which means our technicians can get in, and get it off quickly.

If you need a quote on having signage skins or posters removed from your property, give our customer service team a call.