While the majority of people do not like to see graffiti on property in their community, not everyone is always in a rush to do something about removing it.

There is common attitude among people in some areas that there is simply no point in removing graffiti and some individuals even view graffiti as a part of street-art culture. While others have become so used to seeing it that they barely notice it anymore.

A good example of what can happen when you don’t take action to remove graffiti from your property is a well-known bottle shop located in a Melbourne suburb. This business had their graffiti trouble begin when a couple of small tags appeared on a street-facing wall of the property. The management of this business didn’t take any action to have this initial graffiti removed and soon further incidents of graffiti began to occur on more areas then walls all around the outside of the building.

After a few months, the level of graffiti vandalism was so bad that people began to assume that the store had closed down, which certainly didn’t help the store’s sales or reflect the image and professionalism of this successful national brand.

By not acting upon the initial graffiti vandalism, the store management had unknowingly invited other graffiti vandals to target the property.

Graffiti vandals like to see their tags on display and not removed, so they will often seek alternative locations if their graffiti has been quickly removed.

In addition to the impact on the look of property, when graffiti isn’t removed this can also be a catalyst for other crime and often leads to things like shoplifting and the destruction of property.

This problem isn’t limited to businesses located in busy retail areas and can also impact those with non-customer facing operations, like warehouses and factories located in industrial locations.

Industrial properties are particularly vulnerable to graffiti vandalism and these areas are often targeted due to the minimal security presence at night and weekends. These buildings usually have large, high walls that offer the graffiti vandal the perfect canvas and high visibility for their graffiti work.

By not acting quickly and having graffiti removed, businesses located in such industrial areas can often find themselves dealing with break ins, destruction of property and theft.

When graffiti is removed quickly, you are sending a message to the graffiti vandals which will often help to drive them away from the area.

If you are faced with a graffiti problem at your business or property, and need some advice, give our customer service team a call.