Shoppers are now spoilt for choice, with increased bricks-and-mortar and online shopping options resulting in shoppers ignoring low-quality options for those which provide the best user experience.

Leading shopping centre managers are fighting this pressure by investing in their shopping centres to enhance their overall appeal and atmosphere1. Many are making up for past indiscretions, where the maintenance and modernisation of facilities was viewed as a cost and a burden. However, viewing these tasks as a cost creates a false economy situation where you actually lose money rather than save money.

This transformation is changing consumer’s perception of shopping centres, as a destination you enjoy spending time in, rather than somewhere that is only visited for essential purchases.

It’s an investment that can’t be ignored – more shoppers leads to greater profits for tenants, longer tenancies, fewer vacancies, and the ability to command greater rental prices.

Shopping Centre transformations may include greater choices in food and beverage, and entertainment options. The visual appeal of internal and external common areas is important.

Transformations also include improving the visual appeal of internal and external elements of shopping centres, with walls, flooring, entrances, signage, furniture and amenities all modernised and maintained to high standards.

The Dunes Village Shopping Centre in Torquay, Victoria, is an example of a well-maintained centre which is receiving the benefits of its investment.

They have always employed cleaners who perform basic tasks such as mopping inside floors, and cleaning furniture and restrooms. While these tasks are important, they realised that they required additional expertise to maintain a clean and consistent presentation for their shoppers and tenants.

Phil Hudson, our technician, regularly maintains the entrances and pathways of this facility, ensuring a clean, modern appearance which is enjoyable to visit. With local facilities this good, there’s no need to travel to Geelong or Melbourne.

Dunes Village is one of many shopping centres where our technicians clean and remove the more difficult stains from outdoor entrances, pathways, and carparks, and remove frequently occurring stains such as graffiti, chewing gum, oil stains, rust stains, bill posters, dirt and grime. Other specialist services we supply include installing anti-graffiti and anti-slip coatings and removing outdated line markings.

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