Clearly marked areas around commercial property and factories can be an important part of keeping people safe as well as directing traffic.

Over time these can fade and break down from exposure to UV, rain and vehicle traffic.

Our team can prepare these areas for painting by cleaning of dirt, grime, oil, etc. and removing the old weathered paint.

As you have probably heard before, the key ingredient to the longevity of any painted surface is in the preparation.

It’s important that the old flaky line marking paint is cleanly removed from the surface and that any contaminants like chewing gum, oil, moss and dirt are extracted from the pores of the surface.

We can then apply new line marking paint to the area to have the zones clearly marked again.

This process can also be applied to areas like kerbs, paths, traffic islands, loading docks, and work areas, just to name a few.

For more information on how we can keep your property looking good and safe, speak to our customer support team.

Use slider above to view before/after images

Use slider above to view before/after images