If you’re a business owner, you know that signage can play a crucial role in identifying your brand or place of business. From retail shops to professional practices, signs come in all shapes and sizes, and are often affixed to brick walls using liquid nails. The adhesive is a low cost and easy to use making it a popular choice for fixing signage to walls.

However, removing this adhesive from the wall surface it after the sign is taken down can be a very difficult task.

Why Liquid Nails is Hard to Remove

Liquid Nails is a solvent-based synthetic rubber construction adhesive that forms a strong bond between two surfaces. When it’s applied to masonry substrates, it will adhere quickly and securely, without the need to drill holes in the wall. However, when it’s time to remove the item that has been fixed to the surface using liquid nails, some of the adhesive often remains on the substrate and can be very difficult to remove, even with the use of strong chemicals and solvents.

This is because liquid nails becomes inert to chemicals when it’s dry, and its resistance to heat makes it difficult to dissolve. As a result, the only way to remove it is through physical force, which can lead to staining.

Avoiding Damaging the Surface

When it comes to removing liquid nails from brick surfaces, many people turn to common household or hardware store cleaning products. However, these products can do more harm than good. For example, bleach, ammonia, and borax have high levels of alkalinity and can cause white powdery stains, erosion of the surface, and damage to the mortar. Products like acetone have risks to personal health and the environment and can have varying results and also cause damage to wall surfaces.

Our Solution for Removing Liquid Nails Stains

At The Stain Eaters, our team has developed a specialist cleaning solution and treatment system that safely breaks down the molecular structure of adhesives like liquid nails to allow affected surfaces to be fully cleaned. As the remnants and stains from the adhesive are not just on the wall surface, but are absorbed deep into the brick, our system breaks down the molecular structure and draws the adhesive remnants and stains to the surface, where they can be safely removed.

Additionally, as our restoration vehicles are fitted with industrial strength pressure cleaning unites that can supply super-heated through boiler systems, our technicians can neutralise surface as they are cleaned and restore them to their original condition.

Often, business signage is fitted several meters above ground level, making access difficult. All our technicians are trained and licensed in the use of scaffolding and scissor lifts to allow them to complete this work in a safe and efficient manner.

So Sum Up

Removing liquid nails from brick walls can be very challenging, but with the right solution and treatment process, it doesn’t have to be.

Our highly effective cleaning solutions will break down the molecular structure such strong and hard adhesives to draw them to the surface of the substrate so out team can restore your brick walls to their original condition.

Request a quote today and see how easily liquid nails stains can be removed from your property.