Graffiti vandalism often occurs in difficult to access locations, which usually sees the culprits put their safety at risk just for the sake of tagging some out of the way surfaces.

However, many of these areas can be in full view of the public, which then requires a large graffiti removal job.

In the example shown here, graffiti vandals had targeted a number of air conditioning ducts on the roof of a commercial property that faces out to a main road way.

As these tags included a number of obscenities, the property owner needed to take quick action to have the graffiti removed.

In order to perform the graffiti removal work, our technicians were required to work at heights on the roof, with some areas close to the roof edges.

Completing graffiti clean up work in these environments not only requires great care so no damage is caused to the building or affected areas, but it is essential that all workers are fully trained in working at heights and the company has the correct compliance and insurance to protect property owners, general public and all people performing the work.

In addition to this, cleaning solutions being used to perform the graffiti removal need to be fully monitored to avoid any spillage or waste material entering gutters and drains.

This is to not only protect the environment, but also prevent any permanent damage or corrosion to property and nearby surfaces as some cleaning solutions can eat into paint and corrode metal if they are not properly managed and controlled.

So if you find that you are in need of help treating and cleaning graffiti from your property, be sure to choose a company that can not only perform the job well, but are also fully compliant.

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