It’s common for graffiti vandals to enter construction areas or building roof tops to leave their tags in highly visible but difficult to access locations.

This can result in a very difficult graffiti clean up process, due to the limitations posed by things like heights, roof material and exposure.

Often the use of pressure cleaning equipment is not possible in such locations, which means the graffiti removal job must be performed by hand cleaning methods using the correct cleaning solution for the surface being cleaned and the type of graffiti paint used.

Waste from this cleaning process also needs to be carefully managed to ensure it doesn’t run into gutters and down pipes, where it could end up in storm water drains.

In the example photos here, we performed such a graffiti removal job on a high roof top in the Melbourne CBD, where extensive graffiti had been applied across many tiled roofs and walls.

The hand cleaning process resulted in full removal of all graffiti, and allowed our technicians to control the work site and waste run-off.

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