Graffiti is a common problem at many commercial properties with many areas of buildings being targeted. And roller doors are one of these that we are regularly called out to attend after a graffiti attack.

Any surface that requires graffiti removal will require careful attention, and roller doors are no different, however if the door is in good condition, we can often remove the graffiti and save the door finish without causing damage. Roller doors can be made from a variety of materials, including Colorbond, galvanised steel, zincalume, or aluminium. All these materials can be cleaned effectively, but Colorbond requires the most care.

Colorbond offers a range of colours, which allows for flexibility in design, making it easy to blend the roller door’s appearance with the property’s overall style. While Colorbond is durable and can withstand the harsh Australian climate, over time, it may become more susceptible to stains or oxidisation, making it harder to clean.

When dealing with graffiti vandalism, a new Colorbond finish can generally be cleaned up well, but it is essential to use the correct cleaning solutions in the removal process. Using overly strong chemicals or solvents can easily damage the Colorbond, potentially stripping it off entirely. Additionally, many Colorbond materials have a contoured surface that can add style or functionality, presenting a challenge when it comes to cleaning graffiti.

Our technicians use a wide range of specialist treatments to clean graffiti and stains from roller doors, ensuring that the original finish is protected. If the graffiti cannot be effectively removed, we offer an on-site color-matching and re-painting service to get the door looking it’s best again.