Over the last few years, there has been a number of factors that have combined to put pressure on retail shopping centres. With the ever-increasing growth of online sales, coupled with the restrictions we’ve had as a result of the on-going pandemic, many centres have seen a dramatic drop in customer numbers.

However, as restrictions are starting to ease, people who are tired of not being able to freely get out are now heading back to retail centres to catch up on time lost after being stuck at home for months.

Whilst most large centres have been able to keep on top of regular cleaning and maintenance during the restrictions, many smaller centres may not have been able to perform such work as regularly, if at all.

Unfortunately, there are many small to mid-sized centres that view the cleaning of external areas and graffiti removal as an unnecessary cost, however this view creates a false economy situation where centres and businesses can actually lose money rather than save money.

Having the external areas at any retail centre is an investment that shouldn’t be ignored or pushed back. A well maintained and clean facility will lead to more shoppers and greater profits for tenants. This then leads to longer tenancies, fewer vacancies, and the ability to command greater rental prices.

The visual appeal of the external areas of the complex, along with common areas used by customers, is very important. When the complex as a whole is kept clean and free of grime, stains and graffiti, the customer perception will be much higher. As a result, people are likely to visit the centre more frequently and spend more time during each visit.

While all shopping centres have cleaners that perform basic tasks such as mopping inside floors, cleaning furniture and restrooms, they often require additional expertise in order to maintain a clean and consistent presentation of the external building areas.

This is where a maintenance plan with The Graffiti Eaters is a popular choice. Our technicians can visit a facility on a regular schedule to perform any required cleaning and graffiti removal to maintain the overall external appearance of the complex.

Our team can clean and remove frequently occurring stains such as graffiti, chewing gum, oil stains, rust stains, bill posters, dirt and grime from outdoor entrances, pathways and carparks. Other specialist services we can provide include anti-graffiti and anti-slip coatings and removing outdated line markings.

To find out more about our maintenance agreements for shopping centres, or any commercial property, give our customer service team a call.