When it comes to graffiti and stain removal, our aim is to always restore the surface back to its original condition so that you would never know it had been hit with graffiti or affected by stains.

Our extensive range of specialist cleaning solutions allow our technicians to treat and clean graffiti and stains from a wide range of surface types and substrates.

However, there are instances where the job of removing graffiti on a painted surface is best done by repainting the area.

As our objective is to always restore surfaces back to their original condition, including painted surfaces, our technicians are trained to colour match paint onsite so that the new colour seamlessly blends in with the old.

Many graffiti substances will quickly bleed through paint that is applied over the top of them, so in order to get the best result, it is important to first deal with the graffiti tags to prepare the area for repainting.

There are a number of ways this preparation can be done, with the most common being the application of a block-out paint over the tags. However, if possible, we prefer to remove the graffiti tags from the surface, then prep area and repaint it.

Doing this avoids extra layers of paint build-up on the wall, which can be important if the area is regularly hit by graffiti. If the wall is continually repainted to cover up graffiti, overtime this will lead to a very thick layer of paint that can begin to crack and peel.

So, for the best graffiti removal job, done right the first time, give our team a call and we’ll get it off.