Being experts in graffiti removal from bare surfaces like brick and cement, also means our treatment processes can be applied for other applications like removing paint from stone or feature walls.

For example, the image shown here of a house where the lovely old stone walls had been painted over.

The new owner of the property wanted to remove all the paint so the natural stone could again be seen as the main feature of the home.

With our specialist treatment process, we were able to completely remove all the old built up paint on the stone to get it looking like it was originally meant to when the home was first build many years ago.

When performing such work on old buildings, one of the main areas where great care needs to be taken is around the mortar between the bricks and stone. Over time this can become brittle and easily damaged.

If left untouched, the mortar will last for years, so the cleaning process needed to avoid any unnecessary harsh treatment along the mortar.

Our technicians are highly trained and can perform such treatment and cleaning work, ensuring that there is minimal damage caused to the property.

With a wide range of graffiti and paint removal processes that we can perform, our team can look after your property and keep it looking great.