There could be a number of reasons that you require line marking removal at your property. This could be to prepare the area for new line marking, as the existing paint is starting to crack and peel.

Maybe the work area has changed, which means that the safety zone lines are no longer relevant to the zone.

It could be that the incorrect text, wording or numbers have been painted.

Or perhaps, some new line marking was simply put in the wrong place.

What ever the reason, if you need line marking paint cleaned away from your paths, floors or roadways, we can provide a quick and efficient removal service that won’t cause any damage to the floor surface.

Using our specialist treatment solution, The Graffiti Eaters technicians can strip away even the toughest line marking build up, as well as collect all waste material from the cleaning process and dispose of it in accordance with EPA regulations.

This process not only gets the area clean without any damage when compared to surface grinding, it is also a much faster and more cost effective process.

Speak with our customer service team to find out more, or to arrange for a no-obligation quote.