Your new sign is up, and beautifully advertising your company, products or services, and then lo and behold, overnight, it’s been tagged. Grrrh!

Now instead of saying “come and do business with us, we’re great” the sign says something more like “we’re here, but we are not immune to the impacts of others, and we’re a bit disorganised”.

It is vital that your sign is reinstated to pristine condition as soon as possible because:

The quicker the graffiti is removed, the easier that process will be,
The less impact the graffiti has on your potential customers, and
The less likely the graffiti vandal, or other vandals, will return to re-tag or graffiti your sign.

Vinyl signs are a little delicate in their construction, but with the right cleaning solutions and process, the Graffiti Eaters expert technicians can remove the graffiti without harming your sign. Below is a great example of the graffiti removal work of The Graffiti Eaters.

Once your sign has been vandalised, unfortunately there is more likelihood of it happening again, and therefore we recommend an anti-graffiti coating after the removal. The Graffiti Eaters have developed invisible anti-graffiti coatings specifically for signage. If your new sign is being installed in an area already subject to lots of graffiti, you may consider applying the anti-graffiti coating prior to installation to make subsequent graffiti removal a much simpler process.