Graffiti vandals love to apply their tags in places that are easily seen and also difficult to remove. As a result, they often find ways to apply their graffiti tags on high wall areas or difficult to reach places, knowing that the graffiti will be more likely to remain there for some time due to the difficulty of access in order to clean the tags off the area.

For many property owners and building managers, there is nothing more annoying than being a victim of senseless graffiti vandalism, and this is even more frustrating when it happens on a high area that is difficult to reach.

In many cases, this graffiti is extremely visible to the public which can have a big impact on the image of the property and any businesses that operate there. Additionally, it often presents a real challenge to remove safely and efficiently which can be a costly exercise.

As Australia’s first graffiti removal company, with nearly 50 years’ experience nationally, we have seen it all and removed it all from just about any location you can think of. As a result, we are a fully accredited and insured company, and all of our technicians are licensed to work at heights and operate access equipment. So, this means that in the event of hard-to-reach graffiti at your property, you can rely on us to perform the work to government safety standards, as well as complete the job with minimal impact to your facility and disturbance to people at the site.

The range and type of graffiti tags found on roof tops or high building areas can range from simple spray can tags, to large, multi-colour murals. Small tags can usually be hand-cleaned using our cleaning solutions, meaning that not much equipment is required to complete the work.

However, when large areas have been affected with heavy graffiti, it is often necessary to use a combination of specialist cleaning solutions and pressure cleaning equipment to efficiently remove the graffiti.

Our team have custom designed and built Surface Restoration Vehicles that carry high strength pressure cleaning units with 100 metres of hose. This allows our technicians to perform pressure cleaning at heights and cover large areas without the need to set up heavy equipment on the roof area or up high.

This not only greatly reduces the time required to set up for the job, but also the risk of any damage to the building, or noise that may disturb workers or visitors at the site.

So, if you have graffiti at your property that is presenting a real problem and potential OH&S risk, trust our team at The Graffiti Eaters to deliver excellent results every time.