When you trust the experts in graffiti removal, there is no job too big, small, or even tall!

While there is nothing worse than being a victim of senseless vandalism, it is even more annoying when it happens in a location at height. Firstly, it is extremely visible to the public, and secondly, it also presents a challenge to remove safely and efficiently.

hese challenges are where the Graffiti Eaters really excel. With over 35 years experience dealing with just about every type of graffiti removal situation you could think of, we are the experts of the tricky types of jobs that other companies dare not touch.

What makes the Graffiti Eaters comfortable in dealing with scenarios such as height work? We have custom-designed Surface Restoration Vehicles that carry 100 metres of hose, meaning our pressure cleaning technology can reach the problem with ease.

All our Surface Restoration Technicians also undergo licencing in OHS and height work areas, which is required of a OHS management certified organisation.


Our range of proprietary solutions have also been designed around efficiency and environmental concerns, meaning that the time required to complete these jobs is minimised, keeping our technicians happy, and ultimately our clients happy through reduced costs.

If you have a graffiti or stain removal situation that involves a potential OHS risk, trust the Graffiti Eaters to deliver excellent results that won’t break the bank. Contact us today for a professional on-site assessment.