Large commercial projects often fall prey to extensive graffiti attacks, as their prominent visual location in the community provides vandals the notoriety they crave. This recognition amongst their peers for their illicit activities is a key motivator.

Our team often addresses graffiti removal at construction sites, removing graffiti from various surfaces and substrates. These jobs often include cleaning graffiti from shade cloth and hoardings, ultimately reducing the costs by preventing the replacement of the mesh or hoarding skin.

Shade cloth or mesh is commonly utilised on property fences and around construction sites as a barrier, diminishing visibility into these spaces and aiding in dust control. Many assume that once graffiti mars shade cloth, replacement is the only option. However, at The Graffiti Eaters, we have pioneered a unique cleaning solution, allowing our skilled technicians to remove graffiti from shade cloth with impressive results.

The feasibility of this process depends on the shade cloth’s type and quality, but in many cases, graffiti tags can be effectively cleaned from the material.

Our approach involves a cleaning solution gentle enough to preserve the mesh, yet potent enough to break down the paint. This is followed by a rinse procedure, effectively washing the paint from the material. This method is not only faster but also more cost-efficient than replacing the mesh panel entirely.

Temporary fencing and hoarding structures are commonly installed at construction sites to ensure both asset security and safety for workers and the public. In densely populated areas, graffiti removal from construction sites necessitates specialised treatment and expert knowledge. Inadequate graffiti removal can easily tarnish the image or reputation of a commercial endeavour, as well as damage the surface being cleaned.

Prompt and professional graffiti removal is crucial to deter repeat offences and uphold your business’s pristine image.

For expert graffiti removal across all surface types, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. Our technicians are ready to promptly address and resolve your graffiti issues, ensuring your property remains clean and graffiti-free.