Graffiti vandals often take advantage of opportunistic situations to spray paint their tags. This can include private vehicles parked in secluded areas, such as dark city streets, commercial carparks, or school yards.

In some cases, graffiti on cars is the result of a deliberate personal attack. The messages left on these vehicles are often offensive or threatening, and the owners may not want to drive around with them on display.

Many people assume that the only way to remove graffiti from a car is to take it to an auto paint shop. This can involve a long wait for insurance approval and booking a repair appointment.

However, in most cases, graffiti on cars can be removed on-site without the need for auto body work. If the graffiti is removed quickly, it is much easier and less costly than a respray.

The Graffiti Eaters use a range of specialist cleaning solutions to remove graffiti from car paint, windows, and other surfaces. Our technicians can perform the removal work on-site, so you can get your car back on the road quickly.

In most cases, the graffiti removal process can be completed in just a few hours. The sooner the graffiti is removed, the easier it is to get rid of. If the graffiti is allowed to bake on in the sun for days or weeks, the removal process will become more difficult.

So, if your car has been tagged with graffiti, call The Graffiti Eaters and we will remove it for you on-site.