Graffiti vandalism is often a very opportunistic act, with vandals performing the task when a situation provides them with the ability to apply their tag on property.

This can include cars, trucks and buses as these are often left parked overnight in areas like dark streets, school carparks, and commercial yards.

When such vandalism occurs, the owners of the vehicle often think the only solution is to take it to a crash repair shop where they can clean off the graffiti or re-spray the affected panels.

This can often mean waiting a number of weeks until the repair shop can attend to the vehicle, and then once it is in for repair, more time is lost until the work is complete.

However, this is not the only solution!

At The Graffiti Eaters, our team of Technicians have a range of specialist cleaning solutions that allows them to treat and clean graffiti paint from vehicles. This allows us to perform this work on-site, so you don’t need to wait weeks to have your vehicle cleaned.

In most cases, our Technicians can complete this work in just a few hours, so you can be back on the road again in your vehicle, minus the graffiti.

This timing can be very important for vehicles like school buses and commercial trucks. Owners of these vehicles don’t want them to be seen out on public roads covered in graffiti. Particularly if the vehicle also has the company branding visible.

So if you are faced with graffiti on your car, truck, bus or any other vehicle, give our customer service team a call and we’ll be on-site in no time to get it clean.