You don’t have to look far to see advertising, or bill posters in city areas. These are often glued in large numbers onto the side of buildings, fences, light poles and just about anywhere people will see them.

Like graffiti, when one poster appears on a property and remains untouched, it sends a message to other people that apply these and soon they place more posters on your walls.

It goes without saying that advertising posters on your property creates a messy appearance that is just as bad as heavy graffiti. Maintaining a professional appearance is vital, as many will judge your company image and services by its appearance on the external areas surrounding the property.

These vandals are unlikely to go to the effort of placing posters on a property if they believe the poster will be removed shortly after. Allowing posters to accumulate sends a message that your property exterior is poorly maintained and usually encourages more to be applied.

As these bill posters are adhered using a type of wheat paste product, this forms a strong bond with the wall and is made to stand up to harsh environmental elements. As a result, this glue will easily strip away paint from the surface if not removed using the correct cleaning solution and treatment process.

If your property has become victim of bill poster accumulation, our team of Technicians at The Graffiti Eaters can help with quick and careful removal.

To find out more about this specialist service, or to arrange for a quote, give our customer service team a call.