The marking out of designated areas with line marking paint can be seen everywhere, from shopping centre carparks, school playgrounds, warehouse zones and factory floors.

Ensuring that the line marking remains clear, visible and in good condition is important to help keep them doing the job they were put there for in the first place.

Overtime, the line marking paint can begin to break down, fade and peel off from exposure to the elements as well as heavy traffic from vehicles, forklifts, trollies, and many other factors.

Having the lines re-painted to keep these areas clearly marked is great, however many companies don’t take the preparation of the surface into consideration and simply re-paint over the old markings.

This often leads to the new paint beginning to flake off in a very short time, which then means the lines again need re-painting.

Correct preparation of the surface to be coated is vital to ensure that the new line marking paint can fully adhere to the surface and provide maximum life of the chosen paint.

This preparation should include completely stripping away all the old paint from all areas where the new line marking paint will be applied. Once the bare surface has been fully cleaned in this way, you are left with a fresh substrate that is ready to have new line marking paint applied.

The best way to strip away old line marking paint isn’t necessarily though the use of grinding equipment that removes the top coat of the substrate.

With our specialist treatment solutions and pressure cleaning equipment, our technicians can quickly clean away line marking paint from cement surfaces leaving no impact on the substrate and no trace of the lines.

As there are also times when line marked areas are no longer relevant or required, this process is ideal for clearing away redundant line marking and getting concrete areas back to a plain bare finish without the need to grind away any of the surface.

This service is often used by companies when leaving a warehouse and the old line marking needs to be removed as part of the exit agreement.

So if you need line marking removed and re-painted, speak to our customer service team to find out more about how we can help.