Liquid Nails is a versatile construction adhesive based on solvent and synthetic rubber. Favoured by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, it’s a reliable means of bonding items to masonry surfaces, such as signs, without drilling. Its affordability and user-friendly application are undoubtedly its selling points. However, anyone who’s tried to remove this adhesive from bricks knows it’s no small feat.

The challenge of eliminating Liquid Nails residues on brick walls, especially after sign removal, is a cumbersome task. Virtually every business space, from factories to retail shops, displays at least one sign. Often, these signs are secured with Liquid Nails, and upon removal, they leave behind a stubborn residue. This can become an aesthetic issue for business owners, especially when signs are replaced due to wear or rebranding. And for those handing back rented spaces to landlords, these residues can be quite problematic.

Why is it so tough to remove Liquid Nails? Once dried, it becomes chemically inert, rendering it impervious to most chemical removal methods. Moreover, its high resistance to heat means that it can’t be easily dissolved. Given that it’s unaffected by chemicals, heat, and pressure, the only effective removal method is physical force – a method that risks staining the wall.

Most people resort to supermarket or hardware store cleaning products, unaware that they can often exacerbate the problem. Using highly alkaline products like bleach, ammonia, and borax, or acidic ones like toilet cleaners, vinegar, and lemon juice can negatively impact masonry, causing white powdery stains, erosion, and mortar damage. Acetone, while effective for some, poses health and environmental risks, being detrimental to the respiratory and nervous systems and being a fire hazard.

It’s unfortunate, but many cleaners and tradespeople resort to these harsh removal methods, disregarding their adverse effects.

However, our engineers have innovated a unique system that safely dismantles the adhesive’s molecular structure. Many don’t realise that these stains penetrate deep into the bricks, not just sitting on the surface. Our method breaks down these molecules, allowing us to extract the residue.

Equipped with surface restoration vehicles that possess water tanks and superheated boiler systems, we can neutralise and restore surfaces to their pristine state. Given that many signs are located high above ground, we’re also equipped with scaffolding and scissor lifts to ensure a safe removal process.

Reach out to us for a quote and discover the hassle-free way of ridding your property of stubborn Liquid Nails stains.

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