Many of the jobs we get called to involve removing graffiti that has been mindlessly sprayed on the side of a brick wall running alongside a street, the wall of a shopping centre, apartment block or a public building such as a local football clubroom.

We encourage property owners to act on fresh graffiti vandalism quickly. There are two reasons for this: it is less likely to have baked deep into the surface by the suns UV rays, and quick removal also reduces the likelihood of further incidents.

Should I try and scrub it off? We have seen the attempts of many who have tried to remove graffiti by force using scourers, high water pressure and sandblasting. Bricks are more delicate than most people realise and can easily be damaged!

A common method utilised by careless tradespeople is chemical bleaching. This may remove the majority of the graffiti, however it often leaves chalky-looking white stains.

A poor attempt at removing graffiti can open up the external pores of clay or concrete bricks leave the brickwork vulnerable to moisture absorption causing rising damp issues. We have seen some properties with older brickwork require bricks to be replaced due to crumbling as a result of damage caused by inexperienced cleaning attempts.

Our 40 years of experience ensures our clients never have to worry about dealing with crumbling bricks. We also ensure that no mess has been left behind, by using absorbent brooms and wet vacuums to contain any runoff.

For those that are regular victims of graffiti vandalism, we recommend the application of an anti-graffiti coating, to ensure that any repeat attacks are much easier to clean. These coatings are barely visible and can cut cleaning times in half.

For further information, see our graffiti removal page, or if you have decided that you have had enough of seeing graffiti vandalism on your brick walls, book us in and we’ll pay you a visit!