Bare brick walls are a very common sight around our towns and cities, as they are regularly used in the construction of commercial buildings, residential homes and boundary fences.

As there are a wide range of styles and materials used to create bricks, they allow for the construction of unique wall designs and textures.

Unfortunately, graffiti vandals also like to target these bare surfaces, often leaving large sections of the brickwork covered in heavy graffiti.

Successfully removing graffiti from a bare brick wall can be difficult, and many property owners simply resort to painting over the area, which also covers and hides the beautiful brick finish.

This is not the only option for taking care of graffiti on brick walls, as our experienced team of graffiti removal technicians can treat and remove most graffiti substances from these bare surfaces to restore them back to their original condition.

As we have a wide selection of our own unique graffiti cleaning solutions, our team can choose the correct product for the job after assessing the affected surface and identifying the graffiti substance that has been used.

They can then apply the graffiti cleaning solution in the appropriate manner for the job at hand, and after the required dwell time the surface can be rinsed clean.

Wastewater from the rinsing process can be controlled and vacuum recovered to prevent any unwanted run-off. This leaves the whole area clean and looking great.

So, if your property has been targeted by graffiti vandals, give our customer service team a call to arrange for a no obligation quote.

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