Line marking paints and coatings are designed to be very durable and stand up to some harsh conditions. However, over time these coatings will start to wear and deteriorate, often leaving the paint flaking, cracking and peeling off.

As areas that have line markings applied are often safety zones or used for traffic control, it is important that the lines are re-applied to keep them highly visible.

A common mistake that is made with the re-application process of line markings is simply painting over the old lines, without properly cleaning the surface to remove any contaminates, or dealing with the old and failing paint.

As experts in graffiti removal and cleaning up paint spills, our range of services also include line marking removal, the preparation of the surface and application of new line marking paint.

Correct and thorough preparation of the surface to be re-coated is essential in order to ensure that the new line marking paint fully adheres and provides the maximum life of the chosen coating.

As you can see in the photos here, we have applied a specialist cleaning solution to old line marking paint that has broken it down and allowed it to be completely removed from the surface without any impact on the substrate being treated.

This process also removes any contaminates like dirt, grime, chewing gum and oil, so that when the new coating is applied there is no risk of the new paint not properly adhering and potentially failing.

When compared to grinding the surface, removing old line marking paint this way is much quicker, more cost effective and doesn’t cause any damage to the surface.

The use of grinders to remove old line marking takes away a layer of the outer surface of the substrate, which also opens up the surface and allows moisture to easily penetrate deep into the concrete. Over time, this will often cause the substrate to weaken and begin to crack, which will eventually result in the area needing major repair work.

With our specialist treatment solutions and pressure cleaning equipment, our technicians can quickly clean away line marking coatings from cement surfaces leaving no trace of the old markings and no impact on the substrate.

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