Graffiti vandalism can happen in all sorts of locations, and often in remove areas where there are no services available like water and electricity.

This can make the graffiti removal process difficult to perform properly if the correct process can’t be used to perform the work.

Our surface restoration vehicles are custom build to have everything our technicians need to complete jobs independently of such service requirements.

All our vehicles carry up to 1000 litres of water with on-board pressure cleaning equipment that runs directly from the vehicle. This water can also be heated to temperatures of over 90 degrees Celsius.

We also carry generators on board to allow for the use of electrical equipment as required, including spray paint machines if large areas of painting is required.

These services are popular with councils, particularly in rural areas where such graffiti attacks occur and need to be cleaned.

If you need assistance with graffiti cleaning or stain removal, call our support team today.