The engineers of The Graffiti Eaters Research and Development Team have spent many years devising the best solutions for the complete removal of graffiti off any and all surfaces. But we don’t stop at just being able to remove graffiti from even the most challenging environments, we also want to facilitate easy removal of subsequent / repeat graffiti attacks to help our clients cope with the cost of removal, and therefore address it as quickly as possible. Fast removal is the best graffiti deterrent!

That’s where anti-graffiti coatings play their role. The Graffiti Eaters have developed numerous anti-graffiti coatings required for the broad range of surfaces, budgets and likelihood of graffiti being painted on the surface.

Placing anti-graffiti coating on the wall of a heritage building, or on beautiful brickwork such as sandstone, presents special challenges. Such walls often comprise soft or easily damaged materials, and it is important that the natural beauty of the surface is not impacted by the presence of the anti-graffiti coating. Sacrificial coatings have been developed by The Graffiti Eaters for just these situations.

Sacrificial coatings have the following properties:

Virtually invisible i.e. you won’t notice their presence on the surface
Low sheen appearance

Sacrificial coatings are also low cost and easy to apply.

The disadvantages of sacrificial coatings are that they only last for 4 years, and need to be re-applied when graffiti is applied and then removed from the surface. However, if you are wishing to protect your heritage or sandstone walls, they are a great option.

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