Property owners are gradually becoming aware that the best way to reduce incidents of graffiti vandalism is to remove the vandalism as quickly as possible. This is beneficial for the protection of your property, but what happens to the person who committed the crime? Most likely nothing! Will they reoffend at a different location? Quite likely!

In the city of Ballarat, the local government is encouraging residents and business owners to work together to create a long-term solution by recording and reporting all incidents of graffiti vandalism (read full article).

With most graffiti being in the form of a unique and identifiable ‘tag’, recording all incidents of these tags will enable the perpetrators to be held accountable once caught. This can also highlight to police the particular areas which are being targeted, enabling them to focus their efforts on the right locations to catch these individuals.

This can be easily done, with available smartphone apps such as Vandal Trak, which enable property owners to take a photo of graffiti and report it straight away, automatically recording the location of the graffiti.

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